American Artisan Massage Recliner Features


A perfect match of Traditional Design with modern technology - The American Artisan Recliner
provides a total body experience that simulates the movements of a professional massuse in your own home!


The Remote:



Our luxury recliner provides firm support where you need it
through its softly cushioned exterior. You'll be suprised at the
wonderful relief from everyday aches and pains you will
experience once you relax in an American Recliner Massage
Chair! Our chaise style recliner provides added leg support
through continuous cushioning that extends from seat to
footrest without any gaps. Also included is the ZERO-GRAVITY
positioning to help reduce pressure on your spine so muscles
relax and places your feet higher than your heart to increase



Kneading, Tapping, Stretching, Massage Action for Greater Relief!

The Precision-crafted European roller system simulates the
movements of a professional masseuse by providing kneading,
tapping, and stretching action, This pressure and release is the secret
of a good massage. The added massage motors in the seat and
footrest bring circulatory massage action to the entire body. The
combination of this roller system and these massage motors creates
the total body experience!



The American Artisan Recliner is designed with a heating element in
the lower lumbar area to increase blood circulation and to improve the
effects of body massage.  

The overall qualities of warmth and heat have long been associated
with comfort and relaxation. Heat therapy goes a step further and can
provide both pain relief and healing benefits for many types of lower
back pain. The heat function in the American Artisan Recliner can help
relieve pain from muscle spasms and related tightness in the lumbar
region. For many people, heat therapy works best when combined with
the kneading, tapping and vibrating functions of the American Artisan
massage chair.


Safety Switch:

The American Artisan Recliner Safety switch has two functions it acts as a switch to turn the power off and on and
is a circuit breaker as well in the event of a power surge or spike.